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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the sun fade EcoTurf?
No! EcoTurf will not fade during the expected life of the product. If any fading occurs during the first 10 years, it will be replaced under warranty.
Does EcoTurf come with a warranty?
Yes, all EcoTurf artificial grass comes with a standard 10 year limited warranty against fading and workmanship. Your EcoTurf has a life expectancy of between 20-25 years.
I have a dog, is EcoTurf suitable for pets?
Yes! EcoTurf is the perfect solution for dogs and cats that kill natural grass. Simply scoop the offending material just as you would with natural grass and rinse with water. We recommend having your artificial turf cleaned and disinfected a few times per year.
How do I remove leaves and other yard debris from my artificial lawn?
Removing debris from your artificial lawn is just like removing debris from your natural lawn. Rakes, blowers, and vacuums are all appropriate tools for clearing your artificial turf of any rubbish.
Is EcoTurf flammable?
All EcoTurf synthetic grass is non-flammable. It can, however, be damaged by the intense heat of cigarette butts, hot coals, etc. Melted strands of turf can simply be clipped away.
Where can I purchase and pick up my EcoTurf products?
Our warehouse is located in San Diego, CA. If you are in the area, feel free to stop by M-F: 9-5. EcoTurf is also available from numerous landscape contractors in Southern California. Please Contact Us to find out how we can get some EcoTurf in your hands.
Does EcoTurf get warmer in the sun?
In direct sunlight, artificial grass will get around 5-10 degrees warmer than natural grass. However, because the blades of grass are so thin, the heat dissipates quickly when out of the sun. On excessively hot days, artificial turf can be misted with water to bring the temperature down.
Do I need to install a drainage system under my EcoTurf?
All EcoTurf has perforations in the backing to allow water to percolate into the ground. Our turf is installed over a base of silica sand and constructed with at least a 1% slope to assist with drainage. As a result, the drainage of artificial turf is very similar that of natural grass.
How much does EcoTurf cost?
EcoTurf is priced by the square foot and installation costs are entirely dependent upon the conditions at each unique site. Please Request a Quote to get in contact with one of our project estimators who can give you a more definitive answer on what your particular project will cost.
Does EcoTurf contain any dangerous chemicals?
No! All of our turf is Lead Free and non-allergenic. All of our turf has been laboratory tested and contains no pathogens.